Paid Search Marketing

Smarter Paid Search?
Can Search Smart Marketing make my Google, Facebook and other Campaigns “Smarter?”

Typically, yes.
While Search Engines often advertise their Paid Search products (Pay-per-Click/PPC) as “self-serve,” it's all too easy to set up and manage campaigns ineffectively. Often, these PPC products are not optimized for peak efficiency and Return-on-Investment (ROI), essentially turning them into money-losing endeavors. And, as advanced new features and capabilities are added, it can become even more complicated to maintain a successful campaign.

Search Smart Marketing helps companies by setting up and managing optimized PPC campaigns that are cost-effective and reach their objectives.

Services Include:

  • Program audit – review your existing effort to reveal areas for improvement.
  • One-time optimization – revamp your existing campaign as needed and migrate it back for in-house management.
  • Ongoing Management – maintain, track and report results
While our campaign management approach incorporates the latest Pay-per-Click management technology, success ultimately comes down to having the skill and client-service dedication necessary to get the most out of your PPC investment.

We will work closely with you to consider the following:

  • Keyword List: Are you focusing on the keywords and phrases that bring you the highest return?
  • Campaign Set-Up: Is your PPC campaign properly categorized so that keywords and copy are targeted to specific prospects?
  • Ad Copy: Are you testing multiple ads to ensure best performance?
  • Regional Targeting: Are you reaching your best customers or spending money on visitors that will never convert to sales?
  • Landing Page Optimization/Testing: Are customers brought to your Home Page or to the page that’s most relevant to their interests?
  • Bid Management: Are you over-paying for clicks?
  • Remarketing / Content Targeting: Is it effective or just draining most of your budget?
  • Niche Search Engines: Can your program benefit by including,, shopping search engines or other category-specific sites?
  • Tracking / Analytics: Are you tracking campaigns to optimize best-performing segments and eliminate under-performers?
  • Reporting: Are you regularly reviewing reports to ensure your program is performing as intended?
  • Competition: Is your campaign keeping up with your competition?